The Joe Milligan Project

The Joe Milligan Project

Mexican Cowboy

Words and music ©2012 Joe Milligan


Woke up in cold sweat the other night

My arms were dangling

My legs were swinging left and right

Hangin’ from a rope swung across a Sycamore tree

I looked more like Harold than Harold

He'd ever looked like me

He'd ever looked like me


Angel of Death sittin’ in a corner on a chair said:

“Of some things, you must always beware

Wheels that squeak, identity thieves and preordained fate

Watch out for Mexican cowboys

That come from The Garden State”

From The Garden State


Angel said:

“Good fortune, up to now, has touched your life

Never held at gunpoint

Never stuck with a knife

That Mexican cowboy, he really took you by surprise

When he pistol-whipped your lover

With a mouth full of lies”

He’s got a mouth full of lies


Faith, friends and family

That’s on his calling card

You’d like to trust him

You just can’t throw that far


If there’s a lesson to be learned in all of this

It’s in the absence of conscience

That evil does exist


Evil does exist