The Joe Milligan Project

The Joe Milligan Project

Don’t Let The Devil Steal Your Joy

Words and music ©2013 Joe Milligan


An angel climbed into my bed last night

She kissed me softly and she held me tight

She said, “I can see it in your eyes

I can read it on your face

Your mind’s been going to a dark, dark place

And it’s dragging your spirit, like Marley dragged that chain

You know you can’t change some things

That bring you pain

No you can’t”


Angel said, “I can hear the tapes keep playing  in your head

Did that really happen?

My God, was that really said?”

Do I not understand, or can this not be understood?

Is mine a heart of darkness or is mine a heart that’s good?

And is there a way things really are

Or just the way they’re made to seem?

Is my place before a firing squad or somewhere in between?

I’d really like to know


As the angel climbed out of my bed last night

She said “there’s nothing to be done, there’s nothing to make right

It’s just the randomness of things, the indifference of the schemes

That can bring us to our knees

Deliver someone else’s dream

It’s how a stalled cold front can make for a perfect storm

It’s how the magic of conception plants the seed of a still born child”


Angel said “I’m leaving and I’m sure by now you know

There could be more of the same

God, let’s hope that that’s not so

Try to remember your first love down on the banks of Barker Creek

Where the preacher’s daughter slid your hand

And how it made your legs go weak

And how tenderly she looked at you and she said

'Now you listen to me boy

Don’t you let no devil steal this joy' ”

Don’t the devils of this life, steal it’s joy.